Every Saturday (including holidays)

Ashkenaz Music & Community Center (front studio)
1317 San Pablo Ave. (at Gilman), Berkeley

Class Description: Want to try something fun, and cultural while adding a little exercise to your week? Come try our Bhangra Dance Workout class! A one of a kind experience that will get your feet stomping, shoulders bouncing, leaving you with smiles. You learn new choreography every week as well as repeated choreography from the previous week. The format is done in a way where steps are broken down in every class so even if you can’t attend classes sequently you are able to pick up the steps and enjoy the class! We call it a happy workout! Friendly, and welcoming environment. Culturally enriching, positive, fun, and a great cardio workout. Check out a little glimpse of the energy.

What is Bhangra? Bhangra is one of the happiest and most exuberant form of movements that originated in the Punjab region of North India. If you have ever gone to an Indian wedding and witnessed people bouncing joyfully in circles, shrugging their shoulders, and laughing endlessly, you have experienced Bhangra. The basic movements of Bhangra relate to farming activities like ploughing, sowing and harvesting. Traditionally performed to celebrate the harvest, Bhangra reflected the enthusiasm and appreciation shared among rural folk as they witnessed their hard labor bear fruit. The main instrument played during Bhangra is a barrel size drum called the dhol accompanied with a single string instrument called the tumbi. Bhangra is truly one of the most joyous and celebratory forms of dancing, typically performed at festive occasions and celebrations by all generations alike.

Open to all levels; Drop-ins are welcome; Recommended ages 13 and up (but younger is okay if accompanied by an adult)

What to wear: Any workout type clothing or whatever you are comfortable dancing in; Bare feet or with shoes

Rates: $13 drop-in single session
$55 for 5 classes (expires 1 year from purchase date)
$80 for 8 classes (expires 1 year from purchase date)

Class packages can be used towards both of our locations (SF and Berkeley). Once purchased your name gets added to our roster and you just sign in when you attend. You can pay in person in class via cash, check, or credit card or purchase online using the links below.

***if you have any additional questions, please email us at: inquire (at)